Getting OpenCV error while using RVIZ

I am trying to run the AR Alvar Tags from ZED labs on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier and I am getting the opencv error. The folder location on the screenshot is not at all available in the workspace.
I have ROS Noetic, Ubuntu 20.04, and Cuda version 11.4 on the Jetson. Do anyone have any solution or suggestion for the error mentioned above.
Tested with the same code on personal pc’s with the same configuration, it works perfectly fine, the only error I am getting is on the jetson.
Would appreciate if anyone could help me in solving this error.
Thank you

Looks like you use 5.0.1 DP. Could you try 4.6.2? Since 5.0.1 DP is developer preview, Jetpack 4 releases are more stable.

Thanks for the update. But the jetpack works only for 18.04 version of Ubuntu, whereas the entire project we working is on Ubuntu version 20.04. Any other solution available?

We don’t have experience of using AR Alvar Tags and it would need other users to share experience. One possibility is the error is due to instability of 5.0.1 DP. And if you can try Jetpack 4 and check whether it works or not. Can clarify if the issue is specific to using 5.0.1 DP.

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