Getting pointcloud data without ROS


Thanks for such a great work and the latest update on Isaac Sim.

Is there any provision to extract the pointcloud data as a live feed without using ROS ? I am trying to generate synthetic pointcloud data to train a model and then I want to test it in simulation itself.

But the issue is I don’t want to add ROS into the inference pipeline and I am not sure how to get poinctcloud data as a live feed (just like a camera feed) directly from Isaac Sim using any other means.

A little help would be great! Thanks,

Hi there,

you can use the point cloud annotator from Replicator. You can also write a custom writer (ex1, ex2) to get live access to the data.

Let me know if you need further assistance.


Hello @ahaidu! Thanks for the information.

I understand using a custom writer and already know how to use the replicator to generate point cloud data. What I want is to extract the point cloud at run time when the simulation is playing. In the same way where we see the change in point cloud info on a ROS topic. But instead of ROS, I want to implement a stand-alone pipeline (maybe like OpenCV or pyglet) to get the point cloud data while Isaac Sim is playing.

You can use orchestrator.step() to control the flow of the data, with annotators.get_data() you can also avoid using a custom writer.

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