Getting Problem in Flashing Custom Board

We have made a custom board using Tegra Tk1 and now going to flash “Linux For Tegra” on it. But i am getting error while flashing.
The error appear on Serial consol is like this

Start Downloading PPT
Parallel write enabled
End Downloading PPT
Time taken to download partition: 1144 ms
Start Downloading EBT
End Downloading EBT
Time taken to download partition: 423 ms
Start Downloading APP
DownloadPartition failed. NvError 1179648"

while in terminal of Host is

ppt.img sent successfully
padded 12 bytes to bootloader
sending file: u-boot.bin

  • 440016/440016 bytes sent
    u-boot.bin sent successfully
    sending file: system.img
    \ 2097152/3020755948 bytes sentdata send failed NvError 0x120002
    command failure/warning: create failed (bad data)

the only thing that is different from jetson is eMMC, we are using 16GB eMMC with part number RP-SEMC32 .
i have changed the eMMC size in config file but stille getting the same error.
Do you have any idea aobut it that why its happening.

0x00120002, “packet was nacked”

That’s a USB error. You shouldn’t be using a VM since VMs won’t work correctly without extra configuration to dedicate the USB to the VM (USB reenumerates during a flash and VMs tend to lose USB). Was this a VM host? If not, then you have a legitimate USB issue.

I am using VM but I think it should not be a problem because I am getting the problem in my custom board only, when I try jetson kit with the same environment, it flashes successfully.
And what you think about the error appeared in the serial monitor
“DownloadPartition failed. NvError 1179648”

It may not be the VM, but the 0x120002 is definitely USB failure. Close to 100% of those VMs which fail do fail with that error. Since this might be due to reenumeration, then if your board has some sort of difference in reenumeration during flash the issue would still be more likely the VM. It would be difficult to actually conclude it isn’t the VM without trying a non-VM.

I don’t see a reference for the 1179648 error, but failure to download the partition would be a side effect of failed USB since it is USB doing the download.

Is there any way you can try a non-VM? If not, are you able to be absolutely certain that no matter how the USB connects/disconnects/reconnects that the port is 100% always going to the VM?

I have tested with the host having native Linux but still getting the same problem. I have 32GB of eMMC on my custom board, so do i have to change something for that flash. i have just changed eMMC size in the config file.

Someone else will need to help with that. I’ve never set up a custom board. You can be sure there will be differences though, perhaps ODMDATA needs adjustment (I couldn’t tell you what adjustment that would be).

Can you suggest me any recommended guide that should I follow to create ODMDATA for my board

I think this is for this specific case:

I couldn’t say for sure, but there are several related guides:$product,jetson_tk1
(sorry, the URL tags don’t understand this URL format correctly, so you’d need to copy and paste)

The adaptation and bring-up guide typically has information on board customization steps, but I have not built a custom board for the TK1.