Getting random crashes

Hey guys, I’ve had this equipment for years and today I started getting random crashes that ocurr as a complete freeze of Xorg (I haven’t changed a thing at all). Here is the log which I dont understand a bit from neither =(

Looks like a piece of your hardware is failing. Please run and attach the tar.gz it creates when issue hits. It contains also the dmesg. Xorg log is not enough.

Ok, here it goes, it happened again today. there u can download the file you asked for

Btw it might be important to add that the computer keeps working and I can move the mouse (I know the pc keeps working cuz I can connect to it via SSH) I can move the mouse all around but thats all

Sorry, I think your card is broken, several crashes, always a different cause. Probably broken bonding due to thermal expansion once it gets warm.