Getting Started - TGD on Linux for N9 Marshmallow

I just did a monster install of NVidia Codeworks looking to use the Tegra Graphics Debugger on a Nexus 9 Running my own install of Marshmallow.

2 Questions: where’s the TGD binary installed ? Not easy to extract this information from the docs or the installer. No desktop launch icon of course.

Second question: Do I need any special device configuration or SDK install to use this ? Seems like I’d need some kind of instrumented drivers / etc but this too is not clear.

Any / all guidance on getting started with my exact environment (Linux/N9/Marshmallow) appreciated. Seems like the docs almost immediately start talking windows and the Linux docs I did see gave me an install location in /usr/local that I don’t see on my system.

Thank you for the help!!

I’ve made considerable progress with some additional installing / configuring. For starters I had ‘N’ installed not ‘M’.

At this point I’m getting a crash on launch. Looks like an interposing library problem, maybe ?

Here’s the adb logcat output:

11-18 17:35:21.218 7330 7330 W linker : /data/data/ unused DT entry: type 0x1d arg 0x35ee
11-18 17:35:21.224 7287 7287 F libc : Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2, fault addr 0x8c2a7900 in tid 7287 (
11-18 17:35:21.231 7287 7293 I art : Debugger is active
11-18 17:35:21.232 7287 7293 W art : Debugger attempted to resume all threads without having suspended them all before.
11-18 17:35:21.326 232 232 F DEBUG : *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
11-18 17:35:21.326 232 232 F DEBUG : Build fingerprint: ‘google/volantis/flounder:6.0.1/MOB30W/3031100:userdebug/dev-keys’
11-18 17:35:21.326 232 232 F DEBUG : Revision: ‘0’
11-18 17:35:21.326 232 232 F DEBUG : ABI: ‘arm64’
11-18 17:35:21.327 232 232 F DEBUG : pid: 7287, tid: 7287, name: >>> …

Can anybody enlighten me about ? Does this crash mean there’s a version mismatch of this .so and other (gfx?) libraries installed on my N9 running ‘M’ ?


Hi there,

To specify installation path, you can execute the .run file with args:

.run – -targetpath=

About the crash, could you provide more information about your environment? Is your Nexus9 rooted? What is your TGD version?
Can you share the sample app with us so we can repro the crash?

Hi Codym_nv,

The N9 is rooted. TGD is latest from NV website: v2.1.

There’s no sample app, it’s a real app and the development version of it can’t be shared. is one of the files that TGB installs when hitting “Install Debugger”.

What else can I tell you ?

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Could you please confirm the version number in Help -> About Nvidia Tegra Graphics Debugger?
Latest TGD on NV website is 2.3, not 2.1.

Could you please give us more log from adb logcat? The one you provided in thread #2 is limited, there should be more information about call stack, etc. after the “******” line.