Getting Started with Clara AGX

Getting Started with Clara AGX

Below you’ll find documentation for both the Clara AGX Development Kit and Clara AGX SDK. If this is your first time getting started with either product, we suggest you start with the User Guide which you’ll find in their respective sections. You’ll also find additional information like release notes, release highlights, and installation instructions below.

Clara AGX

The NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit delivers real-time AI and imaging for medical devices. Combining the efficient Jetson AGX Xavier embedded ARM SoC, the powerful RTX 6000 GPU, and the 100 GbE connectivity of the ConnectX-6 SmartNIC with reference designs for AI ultrasound and endoscopy applications, Clara AGX provides an easy-to-use platform for developing a software-defined, AI-enabled real-time point of care medical device

Clara AGX Initial Setup Documentation:


The NVIDIA Clara AGX SDK is a developer kit for AI-powered medical devices. It includes reference applications for GPU-accelerated libraries and SDKs for developers and device manufacturers to create real-time scalable embedded applications and products.

Clara AGX SDK Documentation:

Clara AGX SDK Components Available with R3.0

  • Support for Clara AGX containers on NGC
  • Support for Clara Guardian 1.3 SDK on NGC
  • Updated training scripts for TLT 3.0