Getting Started with DeepStream - Alternative image source?

I just started with the “Getting Started with DeepStream for Video Analytics on Jetson Nano” course and, following the instructions, I’m attempting to download “NVIDIA DLI DeepStream Jetson Nano SD Card Image v1.0.0”. This image is downloading at 10KB/s (on my 100Mbps fibre).

Is there an alternative download source I can use to speed this up? The current ETA on this download is 8-Days.

Hi billy.griffiths,

Is it still at same download speed now? I will inform our relevant team to check.


Hi billy.griffiths,

Please help to provide the download link and webpage as reference.


Hi @kayccc,

Download URL:
Webpage URL: Sign In

Although slightly faster this morning, it’s still pretty slow.


I have in the meantime taken up course course-v1:DLI+S-RX-02+V2 and will return to the “Getting started with Deepstream” after completion.

Issue should be improved, please help to check if it’s still the same.

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Thanks @kayccc

Problems seems to have been resolved. I’ve also been in contact with my ISP to make sure I’m not being throttled. All good! Thanks for helping!


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