Getting Started with NVIDIA Instant NeRFs

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Johnathan Stephens provides a walkthrough of how he started using Instant NeRF.

What/Where is the right place in this forum for technical assistance/exchange regarding NeRFs ?

I was trying to build the NeRF ‘program’ but I got an error.
The build stops because it can’t find the file :
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue ?
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If running without GUI, how to generate animation videos? When run .\build\testbed --scene data\nerf\fox --no-gui ( without GUI) it won’t stop the training…

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I am investigating using NeRFs for intraoral scans. i.e. by taking few image of a user’s oral cavity (teeth and gums), can I use NeRFs to generate a 3D model?

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Hey, great idea! I am also looking to do this, any luck?