Getting started with samples

In order to get started with samples, you will need to enable collaboration by installing a local nucleus server.

Startup the Omniverse Launcher and go to the “Collaboration” tab then click the “+” to Add Local Collaboration Service.

Pick a location (with enough space to host projects)

Then create a local user (this is different from your NVIDIA login, it is only for this local Nucleus server admin).

Let the installation complete

You should now see a folder next to the “Local Nucleus Collaboration Service”. Click on that folder to explore your server content.

You should be able to see an “NVIDIA” folder as well as your local users and projects.

In the NVIDIA folder, you will find assets, samples, and materials

You can go ahead and launch an application like Create for instance

In the Content Browser, you should now see “localhost” with the structure we explored previously. You can load the Marbles scene by double-clicking on the .USD file in the sample folder.

The items will look blue until all the maps load up, this may take a few seconds or minutes but you should see the completion % in the bottom right.

You can now explore all these samples and try changing renderers and applying physics etc…

Have fun exploring Omniverse and come back to this forum if you get lost!