Getting started with USB camera + drivenet

I understand that the simple of driveworks used rccb gmsl camera for running of drivenet. I would like to test using a usb camera. When i look into the usb_camera/drivenet example, i am confused about the datatype used for entry into the drivenet. Can someone point me to a direction about the image datatype used or an usbcam + drivenet example? Thanks

Hello youhong,
You would need a DRIVE PX 2 for what you are trying to do. Please contact us @ infodrivepx at NVidia dot com. Thanks.

Thanks for replying. We have the Drive PX2 with driveworks software. We managed to cross-compile the samples successfully. The problem is that the drivenet sample is designed for GMSL camera but we wanted to try it using a USB camera. There is a USB example of how to load the camera and output an image but it did not show how does the image datatype fits into the drivenet input. Beside this, we also would like to explore the option of using ethernet based cameras. Can you point to any direction that allows this to happen? Thank you

Hello youhong,
Please see 13page in NVIDIA_DriveWorks_SDK_Release_Notes_0.2.1.pdf file.
In this release, the recording library and recording tools do not support USB-based cameras.
This capability is planned to be added in a future DriveWorks release. Thanks.

Hi Youhong,

Any update on how to combine DriveNet with USB Camera?