Getting the end effector velocity


I have an articulation view for my manipulator robots. I want to get the linear velocity of the end-effector link (or rigid body). The articulation view’s get_linear_velocities method only returns the velocity of the base. Similarly when I try to use rigid prim view and its’ get_linear_velocities method, it only returns zeros. With rigid prim view I am able to get correct position with get_world_poses and see the changes to it thus the rigid prim view is operating on the correct link. I saw that rigid prim view API was suggested in this previous post.

I was able to get the link’s velocities by using robot_articulation_view._physics_view.get_link_velocities()[:, -1, :3]. Using the internals of articulation view should not be necessary to access these, so am I missing some method to call? Is there a bug in rigid prim view when the prim is already part of an articulation? Or because of fabric?

FYI I am using OIGE with latest Isaac Sim.

Thank you for your time.