Getting the Mellanox chip revision


Host: CentOS 6.5

Mellanox Adapter: ConnectX-3 EN

Mellanox Driver: MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.0-1.0.1-rhel6.5-x86_64 with SRIOV enabled

Virtualization: KVM with SRIOV devices PCI passthroughed

How can I get the chip revision of the Mellanox adapter without opening up my server?

I saw a web page , which shows the output of a command to show the chip revision, but the same command doesn’t show the chip revision for me.

NCS-1# mstflint -d 09:00.0 q

Image type: FS2

FW Version: 2.34.5000

FW Release Date: 12.5.2015

Rom Info: type=PXE version=3.4.521 devid=4099

Device ID: 4099

Description: Node Port1 Port2 Sys image

GUIDs: ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff

MACs: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


PSID: MT_1080120023

Thanks! Appreciated.

try ibv_devinfo


hca_id: mlx4_0

transport: InfiniBand (0)

fw_ver: 2.32.5100

node_guid: ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

sys_image_guid: ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

vendor_id: 0x02c9

vendor_part_id: 4099

hw_ver: 0x0

board_id: MT_1020110019

phys_port_cnt: 2

port: 1

state: PORT_ACTIVE (4)

max_mtu: 4096 (5)

active_mtu: 4096 (5)

sm_lid: 82

port_lid: 48

port_lmc: 0x00

link_layer: InfiniBand

port: 2

state: PORT_DOWN (1)

max_mtu: 4096 (5)

active_mtu: 4096 (5)

sm_lid: 0

port_lid: 0

port_lmc: 0x00

link_layer: InfiniBand

What is missing was the line

Chip rev.: A1


When I executed the command listed above it didn’t show any line that says

Chip rev: …


Can you please elaborate on which of the commands that did not work for you?


Try this

HowTo Find Mellanox Adapter Type and Firmware/Driver version (Linux)

Thanks yairi , but it doesn’t show the chip revision. I was looking for physical card chip revision.

Thanks ophirmaor , exactly what I was looking for.

To be precise I was looking for the line that says Engineering changes aka EC from the site you mentioned.

[EC] Engineering changes: A4

HW revulsion is the chip rev

Sorry yairi for me hw_ver: 0x1, but the chip rev is A6. I don’t see any correlation. Thanks.