Getting the usage of NV codec

How can I obtain the usage of NV Codec(NvEncoder and NvDecoder) in realtime?

Hi luopinjing,

Please use tegrastats, you could refer to L4T doc to know how to use it.


Hi kayccc:
From the L4T doc, we just known the frequency of MSENC/NVDEC, Can not get Percent of the NSENC/NVDEC being used?

We run dynamic frequency scaling on MSENC/NVDEC, so the frequency shows the usage.
The two hardware components cannot show percentage like CPU and GPU.

Hi DaneLLL:
So, what’s the frequency ranges of MSENC/NVDEC?

RAM 2893/7852MB (lfb 848x4MB) SWAP 0/3906MB (cached 0MB) CPU [25%@2032,1%@2036,2%@2035,25%@2034,26%@2034,24%@2031] EMC_FREQ 13%@1866 GR3D_FREQ 5%@1300 MSENC 1113 NVDEC 1164 APE 150 MTS fg 0% bg 0% BCPU@52C MCPU@52C GPU@50C PLL@52C Tboard@49C Tdiode@49.25C PMIC@100C thermal@51.2C VDD_IN 7132/7124 VDD_CPU 912/944 VDD_GPU 864/848 VDD_SOC 2160/2160 VDD_WIFI 0/0 VDD_DDR 2050/2050

Please cat max_rate and min_rate at