Getting timestamp from serialized GMSL image?

Is it possible to get the absolute timestamp of a serialized GMSL image? I can see that driveworks has the dwSensorCamera_getTimestamp() method which accepts a dw Frame Handle. When this handle is of a live GMSL camera it correctly returns the absolute unix timestamp. However, if replaying data from a serialized source (for example, see sample_camera_gmsl_replay then the dwSensorCamera_getTimestamp() function returns a relative timestamp (ie. starts at 0 on the first frame).

Is there another way we can get the captured time of serialized image data?

Dear amini,

Could you please refer to below link for your topic?

Single DPX 2 System Time Synchronization

Hi SteveNV,

I believe there is some misunderstanding. Your reply seems to refer to hardware time sync within the PX2 device. This is clearly relevant for evaluating the timestamp during sensor data capture. However, my question is referring to a serialized data stream (which need not be read from a PX2 device, ie. could also be read on x86 device). If we are reading serialized data (for example, sample_camera_gmsl_replay how can we get the absolute timestamp associated to each image frame?

Could you please elaborate in case I’m misunderstanding your response. Thanks!

Hi SteveNV, do you have any updates on this? Please see my previous message above. Thanks!

Dear amini,

Actually I couldn’t find an answer to your inquiry.
However if you change/modify the timestamp (video_time_0.txt) file that was saved at the time of recording, you might be able to find the solution. Thanks.