Getting to /dev/ttyTHS3

I need 2 serial ports. Board has 3 but I don’t see how to get to THS3. That connector isn’t something you can wire into or use pins to access. Is it possible to set up kernel so that port becomes console and /dev/ttyTHS1 which is on the expansion connector be used for a 2nd serial port? To keep from having to rewrite the roboteq driver to handle 2 controllers its much easier to run 2 instances of the driver in 2 namespaces. Works fine if I use a usb for one but the Roboteq recommends not to use usb for active control only configuration. Doing it this way you can use the firmware mixing basically there is nothing to write at all just change the launch files to point to the correct ports and do the namespace thing. So I’d rather do it that way.

Also do you have a part number for a barrel connector with the little cleats in the middle that will work with TX1. I’ve gone through several that don’t have those cleats and they wiggle loose when the bot is running on rough ground usually destroying the internal disk requiring a reflash. Or if you don’t have a part number what is that type of connector configuration called so I can find one. Apparently the regular barrel connectors with out those cleats don’t grip the center post well enough.

Samtech has a cable to allow you to get to the serial port in the debug connector. Or you can probably get them to sample just the connector for free. However it has tiny places to solder onto I’d get the cable. I posted up another topic on how to turn off the console output and free up the port on the expansion connector. If you eliminate the console altogether which you can do since its set up to go to virtual consoles in addition to the serial console you can have 3 serial ports available on the TX1 for your needs.