Getting TX1 back to unboxed status?


I was wondering how to do a system reset on my TX1. I did some things in Ubuntu (installing/uninstalling packages) and now I can’t login anymore. When I enter the password for the Ubuntu account, it says “failed to start session.”

I wanted to rerun …/NVIDIA-INSTALLER/./ but the readme says that this should only be run 1 time.

How do i get my TX1 back to the state it was in when it was unboxed?


The installer can actually be run more than once, it just installs some of the nVidia-specific hardware access files, e.g., hardware accelerated OpenGL. This would not help with other packages, nor with login issues. You would need to flash to do that. A JTX1 arrives with L4T R23.1, but it’d be recommended to run R23.2 instead of R23.1…or if you want to go to the 64-bit user space, R24.1.

FYI, during flash there is a step “”. This is exactly the same as the NVIDIA-INSTALLER step, but it does this to the sample rootfs instead of directly to the Jetson. Flash then transfers the result to the Jetson.

If you are on a running Jetson and want to verify if or the installer script has been properly installed, run this command:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

In terms of failing login one thing to warn people about is that Jetson is a full Ubuntu installation. The login name and password is standard, and everyone knows this. If your Jetson is not firewalled or protected by a router from all other computers on the internet, there is a strong possibility someone got in and maliciously changed the password. You need to immediately change the ubuntu password if there is exposure to the outside world.

I’d advise to just flash. However, if you wanted to do some forensics, you could first clone the root partition and then examine it under loopback mount, e.g., compare the passwd and shadow files to see if a password was altered. See:

Thank you! I’ll give this a shot and report back!