Getting USD files into Omniverse AWS instance

We have gotten an Omniverse AWS instance running, but how do we connect to it from Sketch Up?

More fundamentally, how can we load USD files into the cloud instance Nucleus? There are a few video tutorials but they’re from earlier versions and don’t seem to address this specific issue.

Presumably the solution is that my local Nucleus server connects with the AWS Nucleus server, but there are a lot of steps and details involved which are beyond my present level of understanding and skill. 😆😆

Hello @nicholas.bedworth! I have some documentation discussing connecting to your AWS sever that may help!

AWS Setup

Setting up Nucleus

I hope this helps!

Hello Wendy… many thanks!
We have gotten the Nucleus running on an AWS c5 instance (and will shortly move it to a g5). We can connect to it from a Web browser, so it’s showing signs of life!

However, when we try to Add Server from the Nucleus running on our Windows laptop, we get a strange error when we try to authenticate…

  • Unable to send results back to the application that initiated the authentication. This error message is expected if your client was released prior to year 2021.

Got any ideas? Our local Nucleus is 2022.4.2.

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