Gid table limit

We use ConnectX5 card. I can see only 255 entries in GID table. Is there a way to increase this number to say 1023 entries? Is it configurable in any way? For supporting large number of IPs, gid table size is becoming a blocker. Or, does increasing GID table size come at cost?

I see this in kernel for gid table size, but dont see how to configure or change.
“roce_address_table_size” in mlx5_ifc_roce_cap_bits.

Hi jpaul2

Could you please open a CASE?
we need to double-check it with our engineering. For that, we need CASE number.

if you OFED source code, gid is defined for “const unsigned 8bit”

1327 int mlx5_core_roce_gid_set(struct mlx5_core_dev *dev, unsigned int index,
1328 u8 roce_version, u8 roce_l3_type, *const u8 gid, <=============
1329 const u8 *mac, bool vlan, u16 vlan_id, u8 port_num);