Gigabyte 980 ti vs Far cry 4

Hello guys hope you’re all fine , well some days ago i bought the Nvidia Gigabyte 980 ti G1 Gaming , it’s a really a beast of a card it performed as it should do in all games and i got 2435 of score in Heaven benchmark 4 , my problem is with Far cry 4 , i don’t know why in ultra settings i get less than 60 fps ( 1080p ) where i should get at least a 100 with such a card , of cruse V sync is off , My CPU is i7 4770k 3.5 Ghz no overclock , i didn’t overclock anything al my PC settings are in default , any help for this problem with far cry 4 ?

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I would assume that “ultra” settings use up so much texture memory that you run out of VRAM and start paging. If you’re able to reach 100 fps in settings with reduced texture sizes or if other users with similar GPUs but more VRAM (Titan X) can reach your expected 100 fps in ultra settings, that would support this assumption.