GigE camera and GStreamer RTP on the same ethernet port

Hi all,

we are using a GigE Pleora Frame Grabber that works very well on the standard ethernet port of our Nvidia Jetson TK1.
On the same port we want to send a video streaming in output using RTP with GStreamer.

When we start the streaming with GStreamer it happens that the Pleora SDK randomly stops working and we must reset the connection to the GigE device and start it again to be able to restart to communicate.

Does someone know if this can be an issue with the ethernet driver, with the bandwidth or something other?

Thank you

I have no idea on the cause, but I’d check the output to ifconfig before the problem shows up, again while the problem is present, and once more after the reset connection. See what the ethernet interface itself thinks is changing, versus whether the application using the interface is what changes.

Hi linuxdev,

I made a lot of tests, but I cannot figure out whats coming.
The output of ifconfig is exactly the same before, during and next the error. It seems to be an issue with bandwidth of the ethernet port, but it is really strange since I have 69.1Mbit/sec in input and only 2Mbit/sec in output.

I’m going to update the firmware to the latest version waiting for the arrival of the second Ethernet port on mini-Pcie

If the listing for errors/dropped/overruns/frame of both RX and TX did not change, then the system is telling you the driver side and the physical interface were working as expected. Whatever is upstream or downstream (and not the network card or its driver) would be at fault. Note that the application using the interface is “outside” even if it is physically running on that machine.

Asymmetric input/output is typical of most internet provider services. So the question becomes one of whether an outside provider of services is involved, or if this is all local to you. Can you describe the topology of everything the network connection goes through? Even if you don’t go through the rest of the world over the internet, possibilities still exist for this to matter if some software references the internet, e.g., if host name lookup occurs it won’t matter if you actually talk to that outside world end point.