GL_ARB_texture_gather problem on OpenGL 3.3 capable GPU

I am currently having trouble compiling fragment shaders that rely on textureGather function enabled via extension in GLSL 3.3. I’ve put together a simple fragment shader that causes this.

#version 330 core
#extension GL_ARB_texture_gather : enable

uniform sampler2D uSampler;

in vec2 inTexCoords;
out vec4 outColor;

void main()
    outColor = textureGather(uSampler, inTexCoords);

While I am able to compile this on GTX 760 without any problems, my laptop with NVS 5100M keeps giving me following compile error, even though when I check for extension support it is available

(0) : error C1115: unable to find compatible overloaded function "tex2Dgather(sampler2D, vec2, int)"

I tried searching for some related information, but couldn’t find any and I am wondering whether someone had any trouble with this before. It looks like a driver bug to me (tried updating drivers, but it didn’t help), but I wanted to hear someone else’ opinion before submitting a bug report.