Glamor Support?

I’m wondering if the nvidia blob could/would ever use glamor to accelerate 2D graphics like the desktop enviroment?
The reason i ask is beacuase the current way is really slow and buggy.
I did a test comparing nouveau with the blob, and its ridiculos how fast/smother nouveau is compared to the bloded while using ubuntu/unity.

Not to meantion the blob has this nasty bug that makes stuff black when minizing an app on compiz and making it use alot of memory.

Can you provide details on what in particular is slow or buggy? I.e. specific steps to reproduce the slowness. Also, can you please generate and attach an so I can get an idea of what kind of hardware you’re running?

By slow i mean while running unity+compiz its noticebly slower then nouveau, you can see what i mean by running a recent nouveau & kernel. Resizing stuff, moving etc… is generaly slower then nouveau (only applies to 2D).

By buggy i mean memory usage going nuts and stuff becomming black while minimazing or rezising windows.

The file requested:

PS: 3D grapichs work as expected.