glBufferStorage bug


When glBufferStorage is called with flags=GL_DYNAMIC_STORAGE_BIT the driver sets the GL error to GL_INVALID_OPERATION and the KHR_debug message writes “GL_INVALID_OPERATION error generated. Neither read nor write access was specified.”

The GL 4.4 spec doesn’t say that GL_MAP_READ_BIT and GL_MAP_WRITE_BIT are mandatory.

Also. The ARB_buffer_storage extension has an example that calls glBufferStorage with flags=0. That also fails with the same error and message. Probably a spec bug but zero flags is logical.

OS: Linux
Driver version: 331.20

Thanks for reporting this issue. I forwarded it to the OpenGL driver team.

Could you add some more specific configuration settings like:
OS version and bitness?
Installed GPU(s)?

Apparently nVidia’s driver is behaving as expected and I am the one that made a mistake. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the unnecessary report.

No problem. Thanks for letting us know.