GlDisplay.h Call for RenderRect exists, however is not "defined" in Python

Using @dusty_nv 's amazing toolkit.
Either I’m an idiot or i’m missing something, jetson-utils glDisplay has calls for RenderOnce, and other things for RenderRect, RenderOutline.

However when working in python and trying to call RenderRect I get name ‘RenderRect’ is not defined. What’s buggering me here is that RenderOnce right below it works plenty fine.

Other calls that are not defined are

and etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

Update, found some documentation that upholds what I found Jetson Inference: glDisplay Class Reference

However this makes no sense if looking at the actual source file

Hi @mark67, for glDisplay I haven’t written Python bindings for all of the C++ functions, sorry about that. It is also because the videoOutput interface is now used predominantly, which doesn’t expose many of those functions unique to glDisplay.

However, if you want to add a binding, you can do so pretty easily by editing jetson-inference/utils/bindings/PyGL.cpp. For example, this is the binding for glDisplay.RenderOnce() -

Then just add your new binding to the binding list here, and after re-running make and sudo make install, it should show up.

Ahhh! That explains it, thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it!