glGenBuffers etc without GLEW ? I'd like to use glGenBuffers and others, but how to get them?


i write a library in which i want to use:


Compiling fails because glGenBuffers is unknown (fails at compiling, not linking).

I can use these functions if i include <GL/glew.h>.

But i don’t want to use GLEW, as i don’t want to add more dependencies and also because i can’t call glewInit() in my lib.

Is there a way to use these functions without using “GLEW”?

Reading the documentation, i get the understanding that glGenBuffers is available in OpenGL 1.5 and higher. Not sure why it is not found.

Thanks for any hints,

Sure, under Windows you get use wglGetProcAddress() to get pointers to OpenGL extension functions:

It’s kind of a pain, though.