glGetUniformIndices error on update drivers

Hello, I am developing an OPENGL 3D game. It´s work until nvidia driver version 306.94. But It fails on nvidia driver version 314.07 and 314.22.
I use 6 shader programas.
I use the same as structure in all shaders Vertex, Material, Lights, variables.
Only in shader programa 2 and 3 the game break.
The main program write in c++ breaks when i call:
glGetUniformIndices(ProgramID, 5, uniformNames, uniformIndices);
In shader program 2 and 3 returns GL_INVALID_VALUE.
I discarded a syntax error becouse in previous drivers works and I use the same function in the same class for all shader´s programs.
Any help? thanks in advance.
Sorry for my english.

Same error for me.
I was using 310.90 (quadro notebook win8 driver) and all was working fine.
I’ve just upgraded to 320.49 (quadro notebook win8 driver) and my VC++ code hangs at “glGetUniformIndices()”.
That function is called many times to get UniformBufferObject structure, and it works fine for most of UBO structures but not for one…
My UBO, in fragment shader, is:

layout(std140) uniform pGlobalConstants
float fogWeight;
vec4 fogColor;
vec4 lightAmbient;
vec4 lightDiffuse;
vec4 materialAmbient;
vec4 materialDiffuse;

glGetUniformIndices() cannot returns “lightAmbient” index, infact it returns GL_INVALID_INDEX.
That variable is actively used in the shader…

Please help!