Glibc_2.25 not found - kernel panic at init - boot failure

Hi Everyone,

I was trying to install code::blocks on the Nvidia jetson Xavier and I started by installing dependencies manually as I cannot connect to the corporate network.

I came across libc6 and i accidentally downgraded it from 2.27 to 2.23. Additionally, the OS before i could rollback to the latest version hanged. Hence, I had no other choice but to restart.

This led to the following error when init was called.

/sbin/init: /…/ Version Glibc_2.25 not found.
kernel panic - not syncing error.

Is there a recovery mode where I can manually install this package?

Thanks in advance.


There is no such recovery mode. You could clone the rootfs, edit the rootfs, and then flash the rootfs back in, but I do not know of any way to actually use the dpkg tool with a loopback mounted clone. I remember seeing something like this not long ago, perhaps in a chroot or QEMU environment, but am uncertain (if anyone knows how to work with dpkg on loopback perhaps they could post).

Although you will probably find it faster to simply flash again, you could still clone the rootfs to save any work you might otherwise lose (and then loopback mount the clone to examine it).