Glibc”2.28” not found when using torch1.6.0

When I was using vscode running an python3.6.9 ai training program using pytorch1.6.0 on Jetson nano and it reported that glibc “2.28” not found. After I checked out that my system ubuntu18.04 which was installed by using jetpack 4.4,I found that the glibc in the system was 2.27, so I was going to download and install glibc2.28. But I failed to do it many times.Later I found it might be the reason that ubuntu18.04 supports up to glibc2.27. Can anyone give me some advice of solving this problem?


How do you install the PyTorch package?

Do you use the package from PyTorch for Jetson - version 1.8.0 now available ?
If yes, the v1.6.0 package should be compatible to the JetPack4.4.
Could you share a detailed error log with us?