Glitchy video[Solved]

Is anyone else seeing glitchy video with their Jetson TK1? When I first power up the system, the video will be fine for about the first 10 minutes. Then, green dots that flicker will appear on my monitor. Sometimes, in addition to the green dots, I’ll get green lines. Additionally, the display will blink on and off.



You should use another video player. I didnt experience any picture-related problems in Smplayer which you can install from Software center. Display blinking miht be caused by the not-well-fitted HDMI cable.

What player? Anything odd in the kernel log? Screenshot could be useful to show the symptoms better.

I’m not using a video player. I’m referring to the desktop itself. Powering the system back up… I’ll grab screenshots and check the kernel should it occur again.

This is what I’m seeing. I took this after a reboot as the display keep going on and off until finally, my LCD displayed “frequency is out of range”. I see nothing of value in the logs to explain the issue. I’ve tried the monitor with other systems and it works without issue. The JTK1 is hooked up directly via HDMI.

Kind of reminds me of marginal video from overheat. You might want to see what temperatures are when the board has only been up for a few seconds, and compare it to after this starts. I installed xsensors (requires lm-sensors), other people have monitored temp in various ways…I was just lazy.

Try another HDMI cable if you have one. I had some issues with these.

Thanks MiFX,

It appears it was the HDMI cable.


This thread is spot on. Helped me get mine going again. Returned a board over this cabling issue.