global planner not producing plan output

We are running global planner and inputting a goal, there is nothing blocking the path between the robot and goal poses, essentially in open space, localization is posting to world_T_robot and odom_T_robot is updating correctly. Global planner is ticking, but global smoother is not, we are using the planner subgraph from packages/navigation. What would be missing for a plan to be output?


Could you check a couple of things that will help me to debug your issue:

  • Is there any error message on the console: “Unknown pose …”, “could not find robot model …”
  • Can you check on the PoseTree widget in sight that everything is connected properly (especially there should be a path between world and robot, you seem to indicate there is though, I just want to double check)
  • Check in sight if you have the channel isaac.planner.GlobalPlanner/valid and if this value is at 1
  • The GlobalPlanner should be outputting a path, does it look like a valid path? Is it empty?
  • Is the application hanging when you exit (ctrl-C)

When you say GlobalPlanner is ticking but not global smoother, how did you come up with this conclusion, are you referring to the application statistics number of ticks?

I hope one of the question above will help figure out what is wrong, if not the provided answer might still help me to figure out what is wrong.

Thank you