glReadPIxels with GL_RED_INTEGER format


I’m using Nsight 5.1 RC with VS2015 Community on Windows 10.
I have an OpenGL 4.5 Core profile and a GL_R32UI texture that I would like to read a value from.
For that I’m using glReadPixels with format set to GL_RED_INTEGER and type to GL_UNSIGNED_INT.

It seems to work fine (I get the value I wrote there back), but Nsight does not like this (unable to capture frame).
The compatibility log says only

glReadPixels (format = 0x00008D94)

0x00008D94 is GL_RED_INTEGER so I tried to find some info on what’s going on.

This page says it’s supose to work in core 4.5 while this doesn’t mention GL_RED_INTEGER at all.

So I’m confused. Am I doing something wrong? Is this an extension or a core feature and is it a bug in my code or just something unsupported (yet?) by Nsight?

Hi Chris,

The compatibility means Nsight doesn’t support that.