gluoncv - unable to install in Jetson Nano


I have been able to install mxnet version 1.4.1 using

I am unable to install gluoncv. The cuda version is 10.0. I have tried pip install gluoncv.

Should I do source installation?

Please help. Thanks.


Maybe you can try to build it from source:

git clone
cd gluon-cv && python install --user


Dear AastaLLL,

Yes, building from source indeed works. Thanks for the response!

@gomathyshankar.r How do you install mxnet version 1.4.1 with that tutorial? What do we have to modify to get the exact 1.4.1 version? Did you install mxnet by building mxnet from source as in:

or did you (or can I) install version 1.4.1 from pre-compiled mxnet as in: (though the pre-compiled file is of 1.4.0)?

I’m a newbie, please guide me. Thank you a lot!!


The prebuilt file is v1.4.0 so it’s more recommended to build mxnet from source with the instructions shared here:

You can check out the v1.4.1 with this command:

git clone --branch v1.4.1 --recursive


Thank you, I have successfully installed v1.4.1.