Gmsl camera 2.5Gbps Image acquisition is unstable

Turn on the camera repeatedly many times, sometimes appearing timeout 2500ms,The pixel clock was adjusted up and down, and there was no effect,Please help provide ideas。

The symptom looks like signal problem.
Maybe need to probe the MIPI signal to confirm match MIPI spec.


Now 1.5Gbps Image acquisition is stable, setting pix_clk=370000000

Orin have below need to notice.

Skew calibration is required if sensor or deserializer is using DPHY, and the output data rate is > 1.5Gbps.
An initiation deskew signal should be sent by sensor or deserializer to perform the skew calibration. If the deskew signals is not sent, the receiver will stall, and the capture will time out.
You can calculate the output data rate with the following equation:

It is not okay to modify it according to this,Have you tested the 2.5Gbps/lane bandwidth? Can a reference data pixel_clock available for 2.5Gbps bandwidth?

If the data rate >=1.5G need configure sensor send deskew word to Jetson device.


If sensor send deskew word to Jetson device,devicetree need configure deskew_initial_enable = “true”?Do you need to configure anything else?

Suppose don’t need any device tree reconfigure.

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