GMSL Camera connection and viewing


I am a newbie with the AGX setup, I have flashed the AGX successfully and I have connected the four breakthrough cable to the port A of the Quad Camera Port A and connected my SVC210 GMSL camera to one of the four breakthrough cables. I want to view the camera output, I searched for documentation but I am not sure which one to use for this purpose, there’s tons of things on the internet. How do I go about starting with this? I ran the following command and was able to view the output from the given Sekonix SF3325 camera module but how do I go about with the SVC210?

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/drive-t186ref-linux/samples/nvmedia/ipp_raw/x11 ./nvmipp_raw -cf ../ddpx-a.conf -c SF3325-CSI-A -d 0

Dear JasonStatham,

SF335 camera module is in our supported camera list, so you can run the nvmedia sample without any error.

However the SVC210 GMSL camera yours is not in our supported camera list.
So you should implement the camera via SIPL.
Please refer to the following links for your topic.

Hi SteveNV,

I looked up the links you provided. The webinar did not contain substantial information on how to go about with the building/connection of a custom GMSL camera but from the first link, all I could take away was that SVC201 (OV10640 camera) is deprecated but libraries have to be built for a custom sensor,
and simply running the

./nvsipl_camera -c "<platform>" -d <id> -w <win id>

command would’nt help.

Could you please provide detailed information on how to configure the camera?