GMSL Camera Framework Document for R32.1

I saw something about “GMSL Camera Framework” in the document “Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_SW_Features_R32.1”:
" For details, see NVIDIA GMSL Camera Framework, document number DA_09421-001."

But I can’t find this document from “Jetson Download Center”

Is this document the open source? If yes, could the link to this document be provide?
Thanks in advance.

hello 295839633,

nice catch!
actually, documentation [NVIDIA GMSL Camera Framework] is not ready for publication, we also don’t have ETA for the release date.

we’ll update the forum discussion thread while this document get ready.
stay tuned,

Thank you for reply.

Well,in this case,
is there any other documentation available about “csi virtual channel” currently?