GMSL Camera - NvMedia Samples Problem

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Software Version
DRIVE OS 6.0.9

Target Operating System

Hardware Platform
DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit (not sure its number)

SDK Manager Version

Host Machine Version
native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with SDK Manager

Hello. We are trying to start a camera [Sekonix SF3325-100] .
To guide us, we use “Building and Running the NvMedia Samples” from nVidia website.
I have a few questions:

  1. In order to use GMSL cameras we need to use nvmedia samples?
  2. We need the host in order to run this camera (connected and running)?
  3. We need nvmedia samples or other type of samples to run it?
  4. In the target device (Drive AGX Orin) i could not found nvmedia samples. Please advice
  5. Is there a method to obtain or install the nvmedia samples?
  6. We need to configure or set up the camera before running the samples?

Thank you

Dear @adrian.2.kereky,
The supported sensors are at DRIVE AGX Orin Sensors & Accessories | NVIDIA Developer

You can use NvMedia SIPL camera sample or Driveworks sample_camera to test cameda.

NvMedia samples are available on DRIVEOS docker image at /drive/drive-linux/samples/. You need to cross compile samples on driveos docker container and copy the executable to target.

Please see Camera Setup and Configuration | NVIDIA Docs
SIPL Camera (nvsipl_camera) | NVIDIA Docs