gmsl camera resolution in drivenet


The resolution of gmsl camera is 1920x1208.
however, when I print out the logs, the drive changes to 960x604 instead of 1920x1208.
The log is shown below.

[18-2-2019 16:15:28] CameraGMSL: default IPP event callback function set
Camera image: 1920x1208
Camera image with 1920x1208 at 30 FPS
m_imageWidth: 960

Camera type: ar0231-rccb-bae-sf3324

I wonder why the resolution is changing and if I can change it back to 1920x1208.

Please reply.
Thank you.

Dear issuh,
Can you please take a look at Drivenet sample documentation in DW(/usr/local/driveworks/doc/). The down scaling is part pre-processing of the input image to feed to network.