GMSL camera type


Currently I’m using Sekonix GMSL cameras; the 190FOV RGB units. They are connected to the PX2 and I use NvMedia to record my datasets.

I’ve only just noticed that the default type in the config file is ‘gccb’, which is not correct to my cameras, but doesn’t seem to be causing any problems so far.

What’s the difference between RGB and RCCB cameras? What does RGB limit in terms of functionality?


Dear watson-nall,

Please refer to below link for RGB and RCCB difference. Thanks.


That’s very useful, thanks.

So I understand that the only difference is the kind of colour filter array the cameras use.

I’ve heard that the PX2 won’t accept RGB type cameras. Is this true? Will the RGB cameras cause
me any functionality issues with Driveworks?


Dear watson-nall,

Could you please refer to Supported Sensors part(page 10) in DriveWorks Development guide for you question?

And please see below links. Thanks.