GMSL cameras frame sychronization

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From NVIDIA docs,
“SoC generates a PWM signal on a GPIO pin that is connected to all deserializers. This common PWM signal is then forwarded to all 16 GMSL cameras to achieve frame synchronization.”

we are planning to use PWM signal and synchronize GMSL cameras. Please let us know which kernel driver we have to use to configure PWM GPIO and share some sample device tree entries for the same. we are using GPIO35(GP_PWM5), configured the same in pinmux sheet and generated the .cfg files.



I don’t have experience on GMSL. Maybe you can find other developers here.

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Any idea on this?

hello arunkumar.d,

there’s Argus sample application, i.e. argus/public/samples/syncSensor to enable dual camera in the same capture session.
suggest you should also check this topic for reference,
Keeping camera synchronization at software level - #5 by JerryChang

How to configure GPIO35(GP_PWM5) in device tree(dts)?

hello arunkumar.d,

could you please also point-out which documentation mention this paragraph?
there’s documentation, Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework, it doesn’t mention frame synchronization with PWM.

you should access L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources,
please check kernel documentation for the PWM configuration in the device tree.
for example,


here is the link,

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it’s Driver OS documentation, may I know what’s your actual use-case? thanks