GMSL Support For Jetson TX1 - Supported GMSL Cameras

What is the current situation for supporting GMSL Cameras on Jetson TX1?

What cameras are supported now for GMSL on Jetson TX1?

Hi Lee!

I was wondering the exact same thing since you guys at connect tech have all those GMSL ports on the astro carrier ;)

Have you still not tested them? Where does one find GMSL cameras? I could only find the Leopard Imaging ones, but they are all out of stock…

Does anyone have any leads?

We are reviewing the request. At this point we do not have a firm plan for a reference design, but will update you if we make any progress in that direction.

I believe they have them in stock:;jsessionid=2F9C3C109B239EAB10A07DD2427A4996.m1plqscsfapp06?productId=234&categoryId=42

The question is who has the driver for them. Neither CTI or LI or Nvidia is providing driver for TX1.