GMSL2 camera reading

If we want to connect any GMSL2 camera (without ISP tuning, but need camera calibration), will it be able to output the images? Also, will the frame sync with the already compatible cameras such as AR0231. For example, port A has 4 AR0231-GMSL2 cameras and port B has 1 any GMSL2 camera. Would all 5 cameras have sync frames if all have same FPS? Thank you for the help

Dear lxclive,
GMSL2 cameras are supported on Drive AGX plaform. Do you see any issue with them?
The cameras connected to a single port are sync by default.

I see. Thank you for the explanation. If I understand correctly, no matter what model the camera, as long as it is a GMSL2 connector, it should be working on Drive AGX?
Is it possible to sync the cameras between 2 different ports?

Dear lxclive,
Please run sample_sensor_info in DW sample to know the list of supported sensors. we have one GPIO (FR_SYNC, a PWM like signal), going to all cameras to sync the capture. The MAX96712 chips will get the FR_SYNC signal and will use it to sync.

I’ve run the sample_sensor_info and I saw the supported sensors. One of the supported sensor is ar0231-rccb-bae-sf3324. I use an AR0231-RCCB sensor but with a custom board. I have managed to successfully display the output using sample_camera_GMSL. However, I have some difficulties recording the output.

I followed the “Basic Recording” guidelines from the Driveworks website (DriveWorks SDK Reference/Tutorials/Recording Sensor Data/Basic Recording). On step 8, it exited abruptly without recording anything, and I did not see any of the red circle part (see attachment).
I wonder it is something to do with the .json file on step 6 since I am using a custom board (blue circle).
Do you have any suggestions for me to troubleshoot this recording problem? Thank you very much.

Dear lxclive,
Could you share your Json file and also the screenshot of recording tool output.

Attached are the Json file and the screenshot. The website does not allow me to attach a .Json file so I attached a .txt instead. The content should be exactly the same.
I believe there is no problem with the rig as the recorder-tui already started. However, I suspect the “parameters” on line 9 might be the problem. Again, I am using an AR0231-RCCB sensor with YUV output format, but my board is not sf3324. Keep in mind that sample_camera_gmsl runs just fine with my camera.
config.txt (1.76 KB)

Dear lxclive,
The Json file yiu have shared require SF3324 camera module. Can you share the command you have used to run camera_gmsl sample sucessfully and check using the same configuration in Json file and let us know.

Hello Siva,

The command I used to display the output is: “sample_camera_gmsl”.
I solved the recording issue by: “sample_camera_gmsl --write-file=[path/to/output/file]”. However, I still cannot record using the “recorder-tui <modified_file.json>”.
So, can I use the recorder-tui for my camera with the custom module?

Another problem also rises. I tried taking a screenshot by pressing ‘s’ after the “sample_camera_gmsl” command. The systems said “SCREENSHOT TAKEN to CameraGMSL_screenshot_0000.png”. However, I could not find where that .png file located. I checked in the driveworks/bin directory. I even use the: “sudo find / -name CameraGMSL_screenshot_0000.png” for the whole rootfs and it cannot find it (please see attach). I searched for both when the “sample_camera_gmsl” is running and when it stops. The screenshot name also resets every time I run the “sample_camera_gmsl”.

Thank you

Dear lxclive,
Unfortunately, the recorder tool works with only supported camera modules.

From your previous comment "The command I used to display the output is: “sample_camera_gmsl” "

The default settings of sample_camera_gmsl takes ar0231-rccb-bae-sf3324 as camera type. But you said that you are not using sf3324 module. Please confirm if you just ran “./sample_camera_gmsl” or you have any passed other parameters.

It is confusing that I don’t find any screenshot option in sample_camera_gmsl documentation. To search for a file, You can try using locate command.

Hello Siva,

I did not use any other parameters. I simply used “./sample_camera_gmsl”. I believe since the sensor is still the same AR0231-RCCB (not the board), the command still gives output. However, I observe that the output itself is not giving an optimal performance (purplish image output).
On the other hand, I found documentation regarding using a custom board camera (see attachment Capture4). From what I understand, we just need to create the JSON file (blue circle) and modify the dwSensor (red circle). So, where can I find the dwSensor so I can customize it? And what are the next steps after modifying those components? How does the custom board integrate with the camera calibration procedure?

Also, please see the attachment Capture3 for the screenshot option in sample_camera_gmsl documentation.

Thank you very much.

I just saw this topic said some thing about the Frame Sync. How can we set the GPIO signal to different frequency for meeting the requirement of different cameras?

Hi jun.luo,

Please open a new topic for your specific issue.

very helpful document…looking for it for a long time.

Looking for this explanation long time ago!! nice