GND Connection before VDD


I am designing a carrier board for Jetson TX2 module, and I’m carefully studying Jetson docs.

In the “PRODUCT DESIGN GUIDE NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Series” file, page 15, It is mentioned that “When connecting the main power, the ground must make connection before the main power rail.”
This requirement is automatically satisfied when using a DC jack.

But, in our customized carrier board, we don’t wan to use a DC jack. Instead we have a d-sub connector containing all signals required and also the power pins. When mating the cable-side d-sub connector, probably the power rails (VDD and GND) make connections at the same time, or even VDD make connection before GND.

What can we do?
Is this a very vital requirement?

(I know that there is an auto-power-on option in the NVIDIA P2597_C02 carrier board and can be enabled by following the given rework instruction. I don’t know if the problem explained above and the auto-power-on option relates together? We don’t want to have any power button in our carrier board. The board should be turned on whenever the power applied.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

It is a "must’ request as listed in the doc. And also it is a general request for power supply.


If the power adapter is connected to the Developer kit DC Jack, and then the AC plug is connected to the mains, I think this requirement is not satisfied. What about this condition?

I don’t understand why it is not satisfied? The adapter and connector are design to follow that in general.

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