good performance in bad desktop in laptop

greetings to the forum and sorry for my English. render is in blender.
I have 2 computers one desktop with 16 gigabytes and an i7 processor 8700k and no dedicated graphics. the render of the amd processor logo goes fast in about 26 sg with 32.
on the other hand the other equipment is a portable with 8 gigabytes and an i7 processor 8750H, and with graphics dedicated nvidea 1050 of 4 gigabytes, I have configured the render by cuda since it detects the gtx 1050 graph, but the render takes 1min 10seconds, that is to say practically double that of desktop and that the desktop does not have dedicated graphics, someone knows why?

I do not think the difference in ram has anything to do since it is a scene that does not consume much.
The 2 processors are 6 cores, and the 2 have win10 pro installed. and the desktop configured in maximum performance in battery options.