Google Chrome is running at 60Hz on a High Refresh Rate monitor

I know NVIDIA employees have close contacts with Google, can you please collaborate and address this bug?

Also, would be nice to know if I’m the only person affected which I really doubt.

To check it go to

Happens to me on wayland (cant get past 60 hz, xorg is working as intended at 144hz for me

Works as a charm for me on 240Hz display.

Fedora 35/Gnome/Wayland/Nvidia 495.44

Great for you, I’m still using Xorg.

You should have emphasized that to avoid unclarity.

And I did - all the pertinent details are in the bug report.


Gonna bump until someone from NVIDIA acknowledges it and says a bug report has been created.

Yeah I have this issue on every Chromium-based browser, as well as firefox.

Despite the fact that I do have hardware-accelerated video decode w/VP9 working on several streaming sites (both video and game streaming - YouTube, Odyssee, cable channel sites like Travel Channel’s website, Stadia, GeForceNOW, etc).