google play game service c++ integration


the google play game service has provide c++ version for cross platform integration,


the c++ SDK download link is here [url][/url]

After I unzipped the file,it contain a lib folder,how could I use this lib in Nsight Terga Visual Studio?

Although java version could be integration into Nsight Terga Visual Studio,but the c++ version would be a better way for this?

hi FatmingWang2,
you could add your lib by Project Properties> linker.
add lib directory to Project Properties>Linker> General>Additional Library Directories
add the lib to Project Properties>Linker>Input>Additional Dependencies.

Hello victoli
there are 3 folders under lib(armeabi,armeabi-v7a,x86)

External Media

I have try all of them and no one is working…

Also I have ask question here before,the library not compiled by Nsight Terga Visual Studio seems can not working,
[url]FB intergration - Nsight Visual Studio Edition - NVIDIA Developer Forums

the opencv library can not working too,even it’s come with TADP,

please help me pleeeeeeeas :(

hi FatmingWang2,
Could you show me your Linker Confuration and the version of you Nsight Tegra?

victor li

I am using TADP (3.0r3)


It might be possible that you’re linking against two different STLs at once. I’ve successfully used the GPG library in the Hello World Demo project with the following settings:
C/C++ → General → Additional Include Directories = \android\include
Linker → General → Additional Library Directories = \android\lib\gnustl\armeabi-v7a
Linker → Input → Additional Dependencies = gpg;z

Note that I’m using the prebuilt library from the gnustl folder because my General → STL Type property is set by default to GNU libstdc++ Static.

hi Dmitry

Thank you very much!!

there is no reference error now!!!


Hi Fatming,

No problem, I’m glad this worked for you!