Got a command output like "failed: Permission denied&qu


I encountered a trouble when compiling a fortran file “milu_test.CUF” in a proect as follows. (The compiler is PVF 2008 installed on XP)

module milu_mod
use set_parameter, only : kdp
use cudafor


attributes(global) subroutine inz_index_kernel( ia, ja, idnz_per_row, inz_bgn, inz_end, inz_diag, ncells, nnz, nsubmat )

implicit none

integer, value,intent( in) :: ncells, nnz, nsubmat
integer       ,intent( in) :: ia(ncells+1),ja(nnz)
integer       ,intent(out) :: idnz_per_row(nnz), inz_bgn(ncells), inz_end(ncells), inz_diag(ncells)
integer                    :: irow, inz0, arr(32)

irow = 1

do inz0 = inz_bgn(irow) , inz_end(irow)
  if     ( arr(inz0) /= irow ) cycle
  inz_diag(irow) = inz0

end subroutine inz_index_kernel

end module milu_mod

The build log is

Compiling Project …


c:\program files\pgi\win32\10.6\bin\pgfortran.exe -Hx,123,8 -Hx,123,0x40000 -Hx,0,0x40000000 -Mx,0,0x40000000 -Hx,0,0x20000000 -Mpreprocess -Bstatic -Mnobackslash -Mcuda=cuda3.0 -Mfree -Miface=mixed_str_len_arg -Mnames=uppercase -I"Z:\solver_cut_cell_AMR_level_set\source_cut_cell\boundary_point_as_sol_node_3d" -I"c:\program files\pgi\win32\10.6\include" -I"C:\Program Files\PGI\Microsoft Open Tools 10\include" -I"C:\Program Files\PGI\Microsoft Open Tools 10\PlatformSDK\include" -fastsse -O2 -ta=nvidia,wait,cuda3.0 -Minform=inform -module “Win32\Release” -Minfo=accel,ccff,ftn,inline,intensity,loop,lre,opt,par,vect -o “Win32\Release\milu_test.obj” -r8 -i4 -c “Z:\solver_cut_cell_AMR_level_set\source_cut_cell\boundary_point_as_sol_node_3d\milu_test.CUF”

Command exit code: 2

Command output: [failed: Permission denied failed: Permission denied failed: Permission denied unlink(“C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp\pgfortran2ameFKSwAT26y.ilm”) unlink(“C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp\”) unlink(“C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp\pgfortran6emeFKwUip71d.ccff”) ]


boundary_point_as_sol_node_3d build failed.

Does anybody have experiences like these? Please give me a hand. Thank you very much.



The CUDA compilers are undergoing a lot of changes and evolution. You should
try your example with 10.9 release to see if the problem is still present.

If it is, send the sources for milu_test.CUF along with the source for
set_parameter.mod, and even the host main to so we can get
it logged and fixed.