Got an idea for content creation collaberation but not sure which forum?

Hi all
new to the forums and want to start on the right foot. So I was discussing a concept with a chum in the entertainment industry and she described the process to me. I can see how it evolved into what it is BUT I think nvidia tech and software can let creators bypass the conventional route.

To have a foundation to work from I sat down and, with a LOT of help from experts, came up with a scifi script that is designed to act as a foundation for content creators to show their capabilities using nvidia technologies to bring the script to life. I think it would be fun to see what happens.

My issue is that I don’t know which forum to have this discussion in?

Hello @1152dent! You are in the right place for this discussion, however, this topic might be better discussed on our Discord Server @ I believe you will get better feedback from there!

Hi wendy
VERY sorry for the tardy reply. We don’t use discord as it’s too noisy for us. We prefer the gentle backwaters :-) thank you for replying though I wasn’t notified that you had done that.

Hello @1152dent! I can appreciate you wanting to start a conversation about this on here! However, the kids these days don’t use forums like they used to.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you would like to hold some kind of content creation contest using Omniverse based on your script and you are looking for NVIDIA to partner in it?

I understand completely :-) I’m ex silicon valley so we created this environment. BUT, if you read “revenge of analog” , you’ll see that they have a more attentive side.

You are completely correct in your analysis of my intent. I grew up with Doctor Who and how the foundations of the show was to stimulate the young ones ( myself included), my intent is to set the basic ground rules of the show. Establish the main characters using a pilot and 6 development episodes. THEN open the program up to others to develop new content. It could be curated by benevolent dictator but ultimately a vehicle to grow the adoption of your WONDERFUL Omniverse environment. Happy to send you a copy of the script for you to get the general idea.

I’ll send you a PM for your information and see if we can get something going for you!