Got Error at Reboot

Hi. I’m using Orin NX 16GB.

When I manually run “reboot”, it will occasionally throw an error. Here is UART log:

MobaXterm_10.60.201.26v2x_20230830_102609.txt (131.6 KB)

In other instances, the address is also “0x3228000…”.


are you using a DevKit (Xavier NX DevKit/Orin Nano DevKit) or a custom carrier board?
Will it also happen when you just shutdown instead of rebooting?

Thanks for your reply.
It’s a custom board, and yes, shutdown also triggers the issue.


you said it happened occasionally, then have you run like a stress test to know how frequently this issue would be triggered?
Also, can you find a DevKit for validation?

It’s around 1/3 of the time.
Sorry, I do not have a devkit now.
Is there a way to check which component is linked to the address?


there is nothing specific connected to the address,
so we’d suggest checking your hardware design or find a DevKit for validation.

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