Got error message "NdStartup failed, could not load provider" while running the MlxNdPerf

I was trying to run the bandwidth test on CX7 by MlxNdPerf.exe the performance tool provide from winOF-2 driver under Windows 2022. Got an error message about “ERROR: NdStartup failed, Could not load provider, hr = 0xc00000bb”.

When I was installing the driver, i did follow the document to update and install the FW verison & MFT.

I also found a Topic which suggests to check if the ND provider is installed or not.
I use the command “ndinstall -l” to check the Current providers and “ndinstall -i” try to install the provider if any miss, but it just showed:
Installing mlx5nd provider: already installed
Installing mlx5nd2 provider: already installed

Would like to ask for help to find out if there is anything I can check for this situation?



Please use latest winof2 23.10 and install nd by below.

Hi xiaofengl,
Thanks for your reply. The version I am using now is 23.10.26252 for sure, which is released in the early Nov according to the SPEC.

About the Provider, should I install all of these? Or I can only have single one of these?

If having mlx5nd & mlx5nd2 in the same time is OK, is there any other possible might lead to this error?

Thanks again for your reply.