Got problem with Nsight compute

Hi, i had an issue when installing nsight compute ( file .run in ubuntu 22.04 ) when i did all the steps ( chmod + x & ./nsight compute ) but i hadnt seen my program ? When redo the step ./nsight compute it extracted again

Hi, @CisMine

Sorry for the issue you met.
After extraction, have you “accept” the “end user license agreement” ?

yes , I did but still not work but if I installed file .deb is ok, is there night compute 2024 .deb?

Hi, @CisMine

I’m sorry the deb hasn’t been updated yet. I will let you know once there is.

By the way, I can run successfully with latest .run file. If you continues to be bothered by this issue, you can provide us the output after license accepted. Then we can help to check why.

I think the download steps all fine ( after accept then set the path which i set into root ) then everything seems ok, i did check the folder nsight compute and it was good but when i run this command ncu -v it show the old version ( so i need to replace the old version ? ) and i hadnt seen my nsight compute application ( new version just installed)

So you can see the ncu under the installation path you specified ?
Is the path you specified same as the old NCU path ?

Yes the same

So the old version isn’t been override. Then I would suggest you to delete all content from the path and install again. Please make sure write permission is allowed in this path.

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